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World Class Graphic Design

Graphic design is a very important part of your project. Besides creating your content, developing your program, and duplicating it, you probably want some serious design work to catch the attention of your audience.

World Class Tapes has a professional art department to assist you with any or all of the design for your projects. We use the latest programs to provide you with state-of-the-art photo retouching, silhouetting, logo creation, and complete creation of CD/DVD projects from the ground up. We can also recreate older projects where files have been lost or formats have been discontinued, with little to no quality loss from the original! We even assemble DVDs from your photos and slides, complete with music if you like! DVD authoring and restoration still fall into our regular design rate of only $65.00 an hour—another perk of working with a “one-stop-shop”!

For those who’d like to send us finished art files, we have templates available for download in these design programs: In Design, Quark and Photoshop or as EPS files for easy conversion.

Please note that templates for audio cassette and unique inserts, such as poster folds or gate folds, can be sent upon request.

Graphic Design or time spent adjusting files that aren’t set up exactly to WCT specs will bill out at $65/hr. Please note that all projects will be billed a minimum of one ½ hour to preflight files. This includes set up for PDF proofs and for press. Any additional time needed will require customer OK before we proceed with file adjustments.

PDF proofs are required and available at no charge. Please note that since all monitors are different, this is not a fail-safe method of proofing. PDFs help when checking content but for more serious color evaluation we recommend a Sherpa hi-res, hard copy proof. These are available for $100.00.

Likewise, PDF proofs for discs are not completely accurate for checking color. Actual silkscreened or offset print disc samples are available for $150.00. WCT cannot be held responsible for color-matching problems with product if Sherpas or disc samples are not requested with the order.

Please refer to our art approval forms for more information on printed product and requirements for set up. These forms must be signed and submitted before jobs go to press. They are available as PDF downloads and can be sent to us via email or faxed to 734-769-2666.

Please email mike@worldclasstapes.com for more information or for any help you need setting up your art files!


800-365-0669 info@worldclasstapes.com

Concerned about the environment?
Do your part to help! Look for products marked with the World Class Green symbol.

These products are made from recycled materials, to help reduce our impact on the planet.

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