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Audio Services - Transfers, Touch Ups, and Cleaning

We have found that the audio quality of most analog tape and vinyl recordings we transfer for our clients could be improved. New advances in technology and our partnership with Solid Sound allow us to offer this amazing service. We have found great success in correcting each of these common issues:

Buzz removal
Click and pop removal
Hum removal
Hiss removal
Noise removal
Scratch removal
Improving speech intelligibility
Cassette tape repair
Tape restoration
Restoration of unplayable CDs
Vinyl restoration

Once your material has been safely transferred to a digital medium, we use state of the art processes to restore its quality.

Our diverse clientele ranges from law firms needing restoration of evidence for trial proceedings, to Symphony and Choral groups to individuals wanting to preserve precious recordings of their loved ones. Don't think for a minute that your audio recording is beyond help! Please contact us for details and an estimate.


800-365-0669 info@worldclasstapes.com

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