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CD-R Duplication vs CD Replication - What's the Difference?

Discs are discs right?  Not really… "Duplication" in the CD industry has become a term used to describe CD-R burned copies.  All short runs are produced this way.  These discs are made by using blank CD-Rs, and "burning" the data sequentially into it's dye layer via laser, just as you would burn a CDR on your computer, or your studio engineer would burn a master for you of your session files.  "Replicated discs (CDs, compact discs) are "pressed" via a glass master that 'writes' the entire disk in one physical stamping operation.  Glass masters require a class 100 (ISO 5) or better clean room or a self-enclosed clean environment within the mastering system.  A full description of this rather remarkable process can be seen at wikipedia.

What does this all mean for you?

CDRs are an affordable way to produce smaller runs and get product very quickly. Replication plants usually havea a 500 pc minimum and set up charges, but can be much cheaper per-unit.  We can make a CDR look a lot like a compact disc, and they sound the same.  Our printer is thermal so your artwork is color-safe and won't smudge.  For the most part they are fairly reliable.  But sometimes CDRs will not play in all CD players, either because the player does not like the brand of CDR or doesn't like CDRs period.  Usually these are older machines, and it is a random occurance.  Compact Discs conform to a univeral standard that all machines recognize.  You will have no playability issues and your discs will be professionally printed via silk-screen or off-set print. But there is a higher minimum qty and the turn time is longer.  Both suit the right need for the right situation.  Give us a call if you need help determining which is right for you!



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