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Preparing for Production

Preparing for Production means many things to the many services we provide. Whether you are mastering a CD, DVD-Video, or a cassette tape master - all the way to preparing the graphic design and working with our World Class Design Team, to creating a supporting website to promote your material.

And of course, the legal aspects of Intellectual Property Management - we care about our artists and want to protect you the best we can.

IPR Form
Because of the legal ramifications involving copyright infringement, every manufacturing plant now requires that an IPR form be filled out and submitted with every master. Replication cannot begin and deadlines may not be met unless this form is signed and received at the time you place your order.

IPR? What is it?
IPR stands for “Intellectual Property Rights.” You are signing this form to state that you are either the copyright owner of the material you’re reproducing and/or that you have permission to reproduce what isn’t owned by you. If you have written all of your own material then this is a very simple process. You just fill out the form, check off the box that says you are the IPR owner of the entire disc and sign the bottom. Even if all your songs are in the public domain (free use, traditional songs, etc.) this form must be signed and submitted with your master. You will also need to provide a track list of your disc’s content.

If there is any material on your disc that you do not own, then you need to check off the box that says you are not the IPR owner of the entire disc content and sign the bottom and provide a track list. You are then required to provide proof of licensing agreements between you and the copyright holder/publisher of that particular work not owned by you. This may require you to contact the publisher and pay royalties in advance of replication.

For more information regarding licensing and royalties, visit www.harryfox.com or call (212) 834-0100.

Download our IPR form (PDF).




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