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Here is a list of downloadable templates that will help you design your packaging.

Because of the number of ECO Packages and Templates, click here to visit that page.


Card and Booklet-Style CD Inserts

2-Panel Card or Booklet

4-Panel Booklet

8 or more Panel Booklet

Roll-Style CD Insert Templates





Tray Cards

Disc Sleeve Templates



4-Panel with 2 Pockets

6-Panel with 2 Pockets


On-Disc Print Templates

Everest Discs

Prism Discs


Disc Label Templates


Approval and Release Forms

Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Form (.pdf)

Copyright Information

Song and Recording Copyrights – Requirements to Manufacture and Distribute Copies (.doc)




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Concerned about the environment?
Do your part to help! Look for products marked with the World Class Green symbol.

These products are made from recycled materials, to help reduce our impact on the planet.

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