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Our History

As you've may have guessed from our name we've been in this business for quite some time now. We got our start back in 1975 selling audio tape out of a small room in the back of a recording studio. As demand increased, we ventured into cassette manufacturing and in September of 1989 we moved production to our current location on Airport Blvd. in Ann Arbor, MI. We quickly made use of the extra space by adding a graphics department, an audio/visual transfer suite, packaging department and a fulfillment warehouse in order to provide clients with a one-stop-shop. As technology evolved, we naturally progressed into CD and DVD manufacturing, and most recently have added apparel and promo!

Although the days of cassette tape have dwindled down to near extinction, we've kept the name “World Class Tapes” as a reminder of how we got our start. And by the way, we do still make cassettes. In fact, you can order them right here! We hope as long as there is A/V still being made in a “tangible” form, we'll still be here to help our clients reproduce it. We do not aim to be the biggest, but we do aim to please and be one of the best. So as World Class Tapes continues to change and grow with the ever changing world of audio, we strive to keep the needs of our clients a first priority. Inevitably without tapes, we shall still remain World Class.




734-662-0669 and 800-365-0669 .. .. .. 670 Airport Blvd, Suite 1, Ann Arbor, MI 48108 .. .. .info@worldclasstapes.com